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ClearTrade WebOE

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About ClearTrade WebOE

WebOE is ClearTrade’s free web-enabled application that is a firewall-friendly order entry module connecting traders to the global futures marketplace. All you need is Internet access and a browser; no special client configurations or software installation is needed. Utilizing a series of dynamic Web pages, WebOE enables traders to place, change and monitor order flow anytime, anywhere. Combine WebOE with an existing quotes and charts package for a complete order-routing and execution experience.

Key Features

  • Depth of Market
    • View current activity for a selected contract at various prices (CME Group, ICE and Liffe exchanges currently supported).
  • Quotes
    • Access snapshot, real time and last tick quotes.
  • Templates for Preset order
    • Quickly pull up ten pre-configured order templates and another ten pre-configured spread order templates
  • Dynamic User Interface
    • Mold and shape the interface by resizing windows, relocating and removing columns, and moving screens across multiple monitors.
  • Integrated Risk Management Screen
    • Access information on customer accounts using the upgraded marked-to-market account detail and risk management tool.

ClearTrade WebOE Specifications

Type Web based
Quotes Snapshot, Real-time and Last Tick Ouotes
**Market data fees may apply see below
Charts Yes
Market Depth Yes
Risk Management Yes
System Requirements Internet Access and Web Browser

ClearTrade WebOE User Manuals

Important: You will need a demo Login and Password in order to use your trial version of ClearTrade WebOE. To receive a trial login and password, sign up for the Free Trial.

Access your ClearTrade WebOE demo

Best Free Online Trading Platform WebOE (Web Order Entry)

Free Trial of WebOE Demo


Welcome to the latest in ClearTrade Technology

The new ClearTrade WebOE online future trading platform and commodity trading platform is an exciting new product that gives you the flexibility and portability of an online web-based commodities platform, and the account management, order entry, commodity quote and commodities chart capabilities of a download only online commodity trading platform.

With ClearTrade WebOE, our online trading futures and options platform, commodities online, trading commodities online platform is the only tool required to trade besides an internet connection. The straight forward, free trading futures online platform requires no training and allows for commodities traders and commodity options traders to conveniently execute orders from any computer around the world with ClearTrade WebOE. One of the best futures trading platforms for online trading.

free weboe futures trading platform


Video - The WebOE Platform


**WebOE/Market Data Fee's

As you may be aware the CME Group announced that beginning January 1, 2015, all users of CME Group (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, & COMEX) market data are now required to pay for access to real time market data industry wide.

These fees are outlined below:

Real-Time Professional - $85 per exchange per month

Real-Time Non-Professional - $5 per exchange per month with a $15 cap

ICE exchange Real-Time Professional or Non-professional - $110 per month

Ten (10) Minute Delayed Data - Free of Charge

Cleartrade WebOE Video Tutorials - User Manuals - CME Data Fees

Video - The WebOE Platform
User Manual
WebOE Delayed Data Indicators•Video - The WebOE Platform

CME Real-Time Market Data Fees
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