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The Joss Report’s Commodity Newsletters & Futures Newsletters

The Joss Report a Weekly Trade Advisor was first published in 1998. Since that time, our research has continued to evolve into an important source of technical insight for many Commodity and Futures traders.

The Joss Report, featured on the New York Board of Trade, FXStreet, Etv.Futures and Inside Futures, is more than a Newsletter – it’s a Commodity Weekly Trade Advisor that includes proprietary ‘trading modules’, a road map providing a comprehensive ‘game plan’ for the trading week ahead.

Unlike most industry commodity newsletters that consist mostly of trade commentary and general commodity trading news, the Joss Report is a hands-on commodity trading guide prepared by technical analyst Scott Joss each Sunday evening.

Scott is a veteran futures trader and commodity trader with thirty-five years experience in the CBOT trading pits and off the trading floor – as a technical analyst, pit trader, account executive handling arbitrage for Smith Barney, former member of the CBOT, registered member of the National Futures Association, registered non-member CTA – and an IB.

By providing you with this timely, invaluable proprietary research, you’ll be armed with the information and trading strategy you need to stay one step ahead of the market.

No matter what your trading style or background, whether you’re a professional trader or a beginner, The Joss Report Weekly Trade Advisor Newsletter provides traders with a ‘game plan’ to enhance their trading skills, recognize key trading opportunities while teaching valuable ‘risk management’ tools.

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