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Futures Trading Mobile APP - Commodity Trading Mobile App

Mobile Futures Trading Platform is available for clients using iPhone or Android phone.

Mobile Trader is accessible via Apple’s App Store and Google Play.


Execute futures and option trades with ease on the intuitive trading screen, designed to mimic the feel of order entry on WebOE.


View positions in real-time with marked-to-market account details, allowing you to manage risk from anywhere.


Access real-time and delayed quote data on your phone, so you can always stay on top of your markets.


Monitor real-time account balances on the go, so you can always be up to date on your portfolio


Share the same order book as your WebOE login, giving you seamless integration for order management between home, office, and the road.


Feel protected with 128-bit SSL encryption for all data communication, and automatic session expiration that locks you out with no activity.

google rjo mobile app for futures trading

apple rjo mobile app for futures trading

Futures Trading Mobile APP


RJO Mobile Trader is a feature rich Futures and Options derivatives trading application provided by Cleartrade. Account holders can trade on products and exchanges supported by RJO, and are able to view real-time portfolio activity and market data, where available, to assist in making important trading decisions. RJO Mobile Trader seamlessly integrates with other RJO proprietary trading applications and features push notifications of order fills and updates, helping busy traders stay abreast of activity in their accounts while on the go.

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•How much does RJO Mobile Trader cost?

RJO Mobile Trader is free if you are an account holder with RJO. **Market data fees may apply

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CME Subscriber Trading Waiver Migration Request

What devices does Mobile Trader work on?

Mobile Trader currently works on all Apple iOS devices using iOS 4.3 or greater, and Android devices running version 2.2 or greater. Mobile Trader currently works on tablets running OS versions, but it is not specifically designed for their screen size. RJO will be addressing enhancements for tablet devices in a future release.

•How do I install RJO Mobile Trader?

Mobile Trader is available in the Apple app store and Google Play app store. Mobile Trader can be found by searching for ‘RJO’. Alternatively, specific versions can be reached through these links:

Apple App Store
apple futures trading app
Google Play
google weboe futures trading app

•How do I login to RJO Mobile Trader?

Mobile Trader uses the same login as RJO WebOE. If you don’t have a WebOE login or don’t remember the username and password details, you will need to request one. If you are opening a new account with RJO, Mobile Trader can be enabled at the same time as all other RJO web access. You can log in to Mobile Trader and WebOE at the same time, or multiple mobile devices at the same time (phone and tablet).

•What if I get a new phone or want to uninstall RJO Mobile Trader?

Mobile Trader can be deleted like any other application on your device. The app itself stores no information on the phone other than quote page setup and the user name if ‘Remember User Name’ is turned on, so there is no chance that sensitive information will be left on your device when you remove the app. Moving Mobile Trader to a new device is as simple as installing it on the new device and logging in with your current user name. All account permissions will be identical on the new device, but quote page setups cannot be transferred over.

•Is the information secure in RJO Mobile Trader?

Mobile Trader uses 128-bit SSL encryption for all data being transmitted back and forth to the RJO servers. At no point is sensitive information like social security number or Tax ID ever transmitted, and your password is never stored in the application. The app has a session timer that expires with no activity, so if you phone is lost or stolen the app cannot be reopened without your password.

•Who should I contact if I have problems or questions?

If you have problems or questions with Mobile Trader, or you need help with the application, please contact mobile support at Alternatively, you can contact the RJO help desk as you would with any other application or system. The desk can be reached at, or at 877-396-9316 during normal daytime market hours.

•Why is the application running so slowly for me?

Most likely, you are in a bad coverage area for your cell phone. Mobile Trader will work fastest on a wireless connection, but when using your cell network it will perform poorly on a bad connection.

•What features are currently included in Mobile Trader?

◦Seamless integration with our current order routing environment using a WebOE login, including a shared order book with our WebOE, and RJO Connect systems.

◦Real time and delayed quotes from all eligible exchanges.
◦Real time Position and balance screens.
◦Easy and intuitive order entry management.
◦User friendly and easy to learn interface.

•Will I receive notifications on my phone for orders I entered?

Mobile Trader uses push notification for fills, rejects, and other order updates. This includes notifications for any orders you enter on Mobile Trader, and soon all orders entered on WebOE as well using the same login. Push notifications can be turned off for Mobile Trader in your notifications settings on your device.

•How do I refresh data in RJO Mobile Trader?

All top-level grid screens on Mobile Trader have ‘pull to refresh’ functionality. To refresh the screen, continue to scroll up past the top record, triggering the pull to refresh functionality. Alternatively you can tap the icon for the screen you are current on to refresh that screen. If you are using a phone in landscape mode, pull to refresh functionality does not work and you will have to use the screen icon refresh method. On detail screens there are refresh buttons on the top right corner of the screen.

•Why am I not seeing a specific order on the order log?

In order to keep communication as light as possible, Mobile Trader currently only requests the top 50 records from your available orders. By default, orders are sorted by activity time, so if you have a large order book and are looking for an order from yesterday or a previous trading session, it may not be there. In order to view anything beyond the most recent 50 records you will need to set a filter with some specific details to search for the order, filtering on product, account, status, order type, etc. Your filter will return the top 50 records that match your filtered values.

•Does Mobile Trader currently support spreads?

RJO Mobile Trader does not currently support spreads, though we are working to add them into a later release. There are no spread quotes or spread order entry in the current application. You can pull up spread orders and cancel them from your order log, but you will not be able to modify the orders in any other way.

•How can I change my password?

RJO Mobile Trader is currently administered through WebOE. To change your password, you need to login to and select the Change Password option from the settings menu.


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