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Last trading day on the CBOT Floor, 2015


Scott Joss, Author 'The Joss Report' and president of ClearTrade Inc. provides proprietary trade recommendations in his newsletter for futures trading and commodity trading. Scott began his career in 1977 at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He later gained experience in the grain pits at the Chicago Board of Trade where he began taking courses with the Board of Trade Educational Division in technical trading. In 1980, Scott started trading financial instruments and established several businesses.

 In 1984, Scott was called in as a specialist at the CBOT to work with institutional traders from Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. In 1986, Scott - then an independent broker, became a member of the Chicago Broad of Trade and opened S.R. Joss Inc. His major client was Smith Barney - for whom he provided technical advice to arbitrage 30 year bonds, 10 year notes, 5 year notes, bond options and Ginnie Mae's.

 Scott retired from the trading floor of the CBOT in 1991, and in 1994 reopened S.R. Joss Inc., catering to retail clients. He found a niche teaching technical analysis while continuing his quest to improve his own trading techniques. Scott began developing chart-based trade signals and writing a commodity newsletter stressing risk management. As S.R. Joss Inc. grew, Scott renamed the company ClearTrade to connect his brokerage firm with the company's well established website address:


In 2001, Scott withdrew S.R Joss Inc. and registered his trademarked name ClearTrade Inc. a/k/a ClearTrade Commodities with the National Futures Association.

 Over the past thirty-five years, Scott has continued to develop his trading methodology using fundamental and technical analysis. His philosophy is that to succeed in the markets over the long haul, traders needed to develop money management techniques that will allow them to survive losing trades and maximize winning trades; traders need to learn how to lose AND how to win.

Scott believes that trading commodities is not a business of bold market predictions - but one of studying past price history and exploring market probabilities based upon fundamental and technical analysis... and human behavior. By exploring and understanding market probabilities and human nature, it's possible to achieve trading success. Trading both on and off the floor, Scott discovered that the only fixed variable a trader can control is his risk. He has survived trading for over thirty years by understanding two basic rules:

 - Even the most successful traders lose money. Money management is the key to success.

 - Use common sense. Understand your equity to risk ratio. Risk small and stay alive.

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