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Free Futures Trading Simulator by CME


Sign up for a 60-day trading simulation that will test your strategies and skills, provide an embedded heat map, one-click trading, charts, indicators and more.

Learn to trade futures like a pro by doing what the pros do: trading futures on a professional platform, but in a live simulated trading environment. When you are ready to try your hand at placing trade orders, simply register for free access to to the CME simulation platform. You will be able to trade 24/7, around the clock whenever our markets are available.

Why Trade with a Simulator

The futures markets are very much different from other markets including the stock market and currency markets, and any other spot markets. Because futures markets are based on prices in the future.

Traders often think that an understanding of the stock market, currencies, and commodities markets means that a trader will be an immediate success in the futures market. This isn’t at all the case.

Not only are the futures markets different in that they are centered primarily on the future prices of goods, but the size of each position is larger. Even the smallest of units on the futures market, the mini contract, is still significantly larger than some of the biggest positions on the NYSE stock exchange.

Day trading requires practice. While a day trading simulator or Demo account can't mimic the psychological pressures of having real money on the line, it's still a valuable tool for honing strategies, developing trading confidence, monitoring market conditions or familiarizing yourself with the software before using it with real capital.

You can choose to work with one, two or three types of commodity trades on the simulated platform: futures, options on futures, and exchange-traded spreads. You can focus on one product group or all of them, whatever your interest. The simulated environment offers access to our most widely traded products across asset classes and includes equity, interest rate, agricultural, metals and energy contracts.


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